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Regardless of whether you produce, store, distribute, prepare or cook and serve foodstuffs, your daily routine should be governed by a protocol for local hygiene and food safety.

Preventive measures, efficient non toxic detection and professional destruction of pests should the problem arise, should be an integral part of your program. This places high demands on your supplier. Be sure to leave your pest control management with Rentokil, our reliable service routines and technical expertise stands unchallenged.

The service package includes:

• HACCP investigation
• Good Hygiene Practise set up
• Local housekeeping guides
• In depth hygiene inspection
• Routine service for food specimen analysis
• Cleaning routine efficiency testing
• Staff orientation and guidance
• Premium customer support

BRC – Top level food safety standard
According to the British Food Safety Act of 1990, all food retailers as well as all sectors of food production are obliged to take all necessary measures of caution and apply due diligence to the preservation of food safety and hygiene, in their manufacturing, marketing and sales of foodstuffs to consumers, thoughout the entire logistical chain.
In 1998 the British Retail Consortium (BRC) developed and introduced a technical standard and audit routine which in later years has been widely adopted by companies outside the BRC.

These definitions of standards and objectives have become an industrial measure accepted by many large corporations on which they base their supplier evaluations. The standard is extensive and covers all areas for quality, hygiene and produce safety.

If you plan to initiate the BRC certification process for your business, or if you already operate in accordance with this standard, Rentokil is your obvious choice for professional pest control. With absolute efficiency, product safety and fully transparent reporting accuracy, Rentokil will perform all pest control services in any BRC environment.

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